The Unrepentant Rake
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Pages: 69
Goes Well With: a barbeque chicken sandwich, curly fries, and beverage of choice.

A few months ago, Simon Carling had little money, no prospects, and few morals. Mothers kept their daughters away from him lest their reputations be soiled. But when he inherits a sizable estate, he becomes the catch of the season. Still, Simon wants to marry under his own terms, and he’s not about to let some matchmaking mama trick him into a loveless marriage.

Beatrix March enjoys her life and feels confident in her role as a governess to the Ottersby daughters. As long as she keeps a sacred reliquary (St. Davnet’s toe bone) in her possession, her household will remain in harmony. She has no desire to marry, submit to a man’s will, and have him turn her into a boring wife.

When her reliquary disappears, things start to go wacky in the Ottersby household. The only person who can help Beatrix find the talisman is the incorrigible Simon Carling, who demands a thrilling price.

With a saucy heroine and an irredeemable hero, The Unrepentant Rake shines with unabashed humor. The wild plot intoxicates and delights at every turn, and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud at both the predicaments that Beatrix gets into and Simon’s charming wit as he bails her out.

Beatrix knows what she wants out of life, and she refuses to compromise. She’s refreshing and wild in a wonderful way, and I absolutely adored her character. Simon, meanwhile, is the classic bad boy with a good heart. He’s a perfect match for Beatrix—and, together, they sizzle on the pages.

Full of well-written wit and charm—with a hot and fun romance thrown in—The Unrepentant Rake will provide a powerful mood-elevator for your next lunch break. You’ll return to the office with a huge grin on your face, ready to finish out the workday clock on a happy note. Don’t deprive yourself of such a gem.

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