Johnny Dead Review
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After surviving an experience that no woman should have to go through, Kylie Barton decides to seek revenge, hiring a killer to take out the man who took from her what she can never get back. However, when she tries to change her mind, the killer isn’t in the mood to accommodate her. Desperate and alone, she can trust no one except for maybe a man who has returned from the dead.

Avenger of the innocent, John Deletéreo’s reputation as the most successful manhunter in several states is well known. Most people call him Johnny Dead because his grave rests beside that of the woman he loved. He returns to Payton Bluff to find answers to his past, but he gets involved with a woman whose life hangs precariously from a string.

Since he’s surrounded by some hardcase criminals, a crooked lawdog, and a town full of scared people, the odds are against Johnny Dead, but one thing is for certain: he’s not about to let another innocent woman suffer at the hands of evil men.

Filled with lots of heart and soul—along with some kick-ass cowboy action—Johnny Dead blazes a scorching western trail across the pages. The plot wraps around the heinous acts of men against women of the Wild West without sounding preachy. But for every wicked man, there’s one with bravery and goodness in his heart who’ll fight for the innocent—and John Deletéreo is that man in spades.

Kylie Barton may have been a victim, but she manages to rise above it with a backbone that a lot of women in the novel’s time period didn’t possess. She’s tough and determined to take back her life, and you’ll admire her courage against insurmountable odds.

Johnny Dead is packed full of suspense, with a hint of romance and true cowboy grit that’ll keep you firmly planted in the saddle right up to the end. I can never resist a Western by Howard Hopkins, and Johnny Dead makes me want more from this extremely talented author. He’s simply the best.

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