Blood Bay Review
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After she was brutally raped and left for dead as a teenager, Connell Ambers developed a fear of the world outside her house. For years, she’s hidden behind the walls of her home on Blood Bay Island. The only company she keeps is a poodle named Brad Pitt, a malamute named Conan, and a cat named Mr. Spock. Then Tucker Mackenzie shows up and changes everything.

Tucker is just supposed to check on a friend’s sister before heading on to Florida, but when he meets Connell, something urges him to stay and see if he can bring her out of her shell—and maybe help her live a normal life once more. He quickly becomes deeply involved, going as far as to move in with her while she paints him in the nude.

When the past rises up to strike at Connell once again, they find themselves in a deadly fight to survive and put an end to Connell’s tormenter once and for all.

Blood Bay moves along in a haunting refrain as the heroine, after several years of suffering, fights to put herself back together while learning to trust again. The suspense is in the knowledge that something is coming back for Connell, and there’s no way to stop it. She’s fragile in so many ways, yet she has the strength to endure whatever life hands her.

Tucker is a good man who bumbles through his attempts to help Connell, making him a somewhat endearing character. He may not be a tough alpha male, but you know he’ll lay down his life for Connell if it comes to that.

Sensual, sweet, and tragic Blood Bay will latch onto you, and it won’t let go. You’ll have to know whether the rapist will get to Connell once again, and you’ll pray that she’s able to turn the tables and come out the winner of the sadistic struggle this time around. Ms. Sweeney writes romantic suspense very well, and I recommend that you give Blood Bay a try.

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