Coffin Man Review
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Cattle rancher and part-time tribal investigator Charlie Moon has the uncanny ability to put a crime scene together before seeing it with accurate results, much to the chagrin of his best friend, Granite Creek Chief of Police Scott Parris. But Moon comes in handy whenever Parris gets stumped on a caseóand one such case involves Wanda Naranjo.

Panicking because her pregnant daughter, Betty, hasnít returned from a doctorís appointment, Wanda calls Charlie Moon. Wanda suspects that her no good ex-boyfriend, Michael Kauffmann, might be the father of her sixteen-year-old daughterís child, but Betty has remained mum on the subject. Wanda plans to find outóone way or another.

As Betty remains missing, suspects pop up all over the place, and Moon begins to fear that theyíll never find her alive. The only clues they have involve a dead cemetery employee and a mysterious man who claims that a child in the apartment above him keeps him awake with its crying at night.

Coffin Man is written from an omniscient point of view, but itís so well done that youíll never get confused. Instead, youíll be highly entertained by the many different, and often hilarious, thoughts going through each characterís head.

Despite the all-knowing viewpoint, each character develops into a unique individual, allowing the reader to know and love each one. Charlie Moon is reserved and intelligent, Scott Parris is sarcastic and funny, and Charlieís great-aunt Daisy Perika (a Southern Ute Tribal Elder who sees ghosts) is feisty and hilarious (I loved her!). And those are just the main characters.

The mystery itself is totally different from anything Iíve read before. Oh, you still have the missing person and whatnot, but Coffin Man takes a sharp turn toward the bizarreóbut itís a good kind of weird. Everything is right there for you to put together and solve the mystery, but youíll never be able to do it. I absolutely loved how everything comes together in the endóitís so very clever!

I donít think Iíve read a mystery with such a unique plot, with such engaging characters, and with such wit in a long time. Coffin Man has all that and much more. Please, someone, point me toward more Charlie Moon mysteries!

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