Humble Carryout Rescues Patrons from Certain Disaster
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ONG, NE What started out to be a quiet, lazy day at Howie’s Supermarket in Ong yesterday ended in near catastrophe. Fortunately for dozens of patrons who were shopping at Howie’s, however, Wally Sedman was in the parking lot when disaster struck.

Not one of the witnesses could clarify how, exactly, the calamity began, but they can all tell you how it ended.

“That young man,” said one man, pointing at Sedman. “He just ran out there without thinkin’ twice an’ saved the day.”

It all began with a runaway grocery cart. No one knows where it came from or who had abandoned it, but it was out of control. It made its way haphazardly through the parking lot, searching for victims, intent on denting doors and ruining paint jobs.

But Stedman wouldn’t allow it.

He was cheerfully carrying out a few bags of groceries to an elderly patron’s car, pleasantly making conversation about the weather. As he carefully placed the bags in the trunk of her Cutlass, he saw something moving out of the corner of his eye.

There was no time to think twice about what was happening; he had to move quickly. And he sprinted across the parking lot, thinking not about himself but about all of those customers. And all of their cars.

He had to save them.

As the brave young man approached the renegade cart, he dove to stop it. And it came within mere inches of beginning its rampage by scraping along the side of a blue Monte Carlo.

Fortunately, though, it didn’t succeed in its mission, thanks to Wally Sedman, the sixteen-year-old dynamo.

Following the incident, an unidentified patron hugged Sedman tearfully. “Thank you so much, young man,” she gushed. “You’re a hero!”

The modest young man just shook his head and said quietly, “No, ma’am. I’m not a hero. I just did my job.”

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