E-Author Spotlight: Shannon Robinson
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Author Shannon Robinson writes sexy, bold, and fun romances that capture your interest and keep you smiling. Her stories are well-rounded and well-written, making her an exceptional e-author.

Ms. Robinson was born in Louisiana, where her parents were stationed in the Army at the time. Not many children lived in her neighborhood, but she lived next door to her grandmother. They would bake cookies, complete puzzles, and go for walks to pick berries from her berry bushes. She loved being with her grandma and is so thankful to still have her in her life.

In addition to writing, she loves to create artistic photographs of her family to keep and cherish for many years. She collects books and has a diverse taste in music, ranging from Taylor Swift to Guns Ní Roses. She often dreams about people sheís never met but who seem familiar or doing things sheís never done, like swimming with dolphins or flying away from tornados.

Being fair to students is one of her passions. Sheís currently pursuing a degree in adolescent education, and she sees many injustices being done to our children while in school. She hopes to change thatóor at least make a difference in this field.

Some of her favorite things include: her daughterís laughter, her sonís smile, the sound of their voices, her husbandís eyes, books, writing, learning new things, baking cookies, taking pictures, scrapbooking those artistic pictures, family vacations, the beach, swimming, and sunsets.

On Writing, In Ms. Robinsonís Own Words

What or who inspires you to write?

I donít think I have a particular inspiration. I honestly write because I have a need to. Characters come into my mind who have a story they want told, and I canít ignore them. A plot idea forms, and suddenly I have to see it through to the end, find out what happens, so I write until that moment comes. The moment of writing ďThe EndĒ has to be one of the most amazing feelings of accomplishment.

Why did you begin writing?

Iíve always had stories floating around inside of me. From high school, I remember writing a lot of poetry and short stories, but it wasnít until five years ago when my best friend and fellow writer, Holly Greenfield, introduced me to the professional world of writing. She joined the local writerís chapter of RWA, CNYRW (Central NY Romance Writers), and encouraged me to come attend a free meeting. I did and met several wonderful women who also encouraged me to become a member of their group, and I joined on the spot. It was amazing to learn that there was a world of writers out there that I could belong to.

Which author inspires you?

The first author who inspired me was Nora Roberts. I was particularly drawn to her story about how she started writing when housebound during a snowstorm in 1979 with her two small children. That first sale in 1981 of Irish Thoroughbred began an amazing career of writing and doing what she loves. She proved that with enough hard work and belief in yourself, anyone can do it.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

Creating the happily-ever-after ending that can exist in real life. Everyone deserves a happy ending, and everyone has that opportunity. Itís all based on choices, and being able to create worlds where choices lead to happiness is the most rewarding aspect of writing to me.

Have you experienced writerís block? And, if so, how did you cure it?

YES! So many times Iíve lost count. And thereís no one set way that fixes it for me. I go through an exercise video, listen to music, take a run, play with my kids, bake cookies, or just take a relaxing bath and read a favorite novel. Eventually something breaks through that wall, and a new idea comes out. It may take an hour or days, but I have faith that when the time is right, Iíll get passed the problem.

When is your next book due out, and whatís it about?

I donít have one under contract right now, although I am working on something outside of my typical romance genre. Iím working on a YA novel and have high hopes that, someday, this one may see publication.

Where can readers find you online?

Readers can find me at ShannonRobinson.com. I welcome all comments, and if you happen to read one of my stories, please let me know what you think (good and bad, of course!). I can only improve with the help of feedback.

Please read my review of Seducing the Sheriff, then be sure to visit Ms. Robinson at her website above!

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