The Sea of Flesh and Ash Review
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The Sea of Flesh and Ash is made up of two short, dark fantasy novels, set in New England and written by brothers. Each novella explores a chilling alternate realm of existence.

In The Sea of Flesh by Jeffrey Thomas, Dorothy, a young Vietnamese woman who’s never even been to Vietnam becomes cursed with visions that send her to a foggy, unfamiliar world. At the same time, an ominous figure stalks a scientist named Lee Todd while his mother lies in a hospital bed plagued by nightmares of a crooked man. All three lives collide with shocking results.

In The Sea of Ash by Scott Thomas, a collector of arcane books becomes obsessed with the 1920 disappearance of Dr. Albert Pond. When the doctor returns from the Great War, he encounters a strange naked woman at the edge of the ocean, which inspires him to explore parallel dimensions until he vanishes. The collector attempts to retrace the adventurer’s steps.

Uniquely weird and fantastical, The Sea of Flesh and Ash will draw you into alternate realities, giving you an urge to explore every aspect of a totally new environment. As you read, you’ll almost feel as if you’ve strayed into another person’s warped dream, with no exit signs in view. Yet you’ll be thoroughly fascinated by the strangeness and the air of mystery surrounding each story.

The Sea of Flesh and Ash will seduce you into dark realms, leaving you with an eerie aftertaste and chills that linger far beyond the last page. Thanks to its captivating characters, surprisingly touching moments, and creepy plots, you’ll find it impossible to disentangle yourself from these two novellas once you start reading—and you’re not going to want to step away from them for any reason.

I’ve come across few novellas as splendidly written as the two contained in this one volume. I guarantee that you’re going to want to treat yourself to The Sea of Flesh and Ash.

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