Fallen (After, Book 1) Review
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In this apocalyptic tale, the world has been divided into Before and After. A killing mist spreads across Earth, taking out metal structures and buildings. Then it moves on to dissolve humans from the inside out. If caught in the mist—and the awesome power it has morphed into—the outcome is certain: a horrifically painful death follows, and no one can save the one who suffers.

Emma gathers orphaned children and does her best to protect them as she travels through a countryside that’s been laid to waste by a fog that liquidates everything it touches. But that’s not the only thing that threatens them. Bands of marauding men sweep through, stealing, raping, and killing whatever crosses their path. She knows that she’ll eventually have to find protection in order to survive—and that protection comes in the form of a man named Arthur, the leader of a small camp.

Arthur doesn’t usually allow women and children in the camp, but he’s willing to make an exception for this woman. The healing powers in her hands are a valuable asset, and he’ll need her to help rebuild civilization according to his vision—but first they have to conquer the mist.

Fallen is another captivating story about the end of civilization as we know it. People seem to be fascinated by such tales. Why is that, I wonder? Could it be that if we imagine the worst possible way for it all to end, it won’t seem quite as horrific once it does happen?

Emma proves to be a strong woman who does what she has to do in order to protect the children. Though others perceive her as belonging to Arthur (including Arthur himself), she refuses to be owned. And keeping her independence ensures that she’s useful in creating a safe environment for those she cares about.

Arthur, meanwhile, comes across as a bit controlling (especially when it comes to Emma), but his heart is in the right place. He only wants to make sure that she doesn’t endanger herself or the camp. He’s a caring and strong leader, and he’s only brutal when the need arises. He’s also an incredibly intelligent man—and if anyone can conquer the mist, it would be him.

Knee-gripping suspense and a host of great characters bring the post-apocalyptic world to horrifying life in Fallen. You’ll never know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next, which will keep you on edge—and it doesn’t end with this novel. The story will continue, and I eagerly anticipate the next installment.

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