Feuding Hearts
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Pages: 55
Goes Well With: Fruit salad and a tall mint julep…er …make that iced tea, since mint julep contains bourbon whisky (might not go over well with the boss)

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the presence of a drool-worthy male, but author Natasha Deen’s Feuding Hearts brings me the experience without ever having to leave the comfort of my couch.

Angelica Tiffany Montgomery Baxter (Angel, for sanity’s sake) has her hands full with her Nana, who seems bent on starting a war of epic proportions with their eighty-five-year-old next-door neighbor, Harrison Garrett. The blasted octogenarian simply won’t stay out of Nana’s garden. And when he rips up some azalea bushes that he mistook for weeds, Nana goes ballistic and demands that something drastic be done—like suing the pants off the old guy.

In order to restore the peace, Angel dresses to the nines and heads next door to try to make Harrison understand that he has to stay on his own side of the fence. However, she didn’t dress up for an annoying old man; Harrison’s grandson, Harry, has arrived to help with landscaping—and he’s hot enough to put the southern sun in the heat of summer to shame.

While trying to keep her cool in more ways than one, Angel deals with her overreacting grandmother, a daft old man, and the most swoon-inducing male she’s encountered in months—maybe even years. She’ll need the entire South’s southern charm in order to pull it off.

The southern charm in Feuding Hearts is so sugary sweet that you won’t need dessert with your lunch today. Still, all that sweetness comes with a bite, which adds a certain zing to this sappy, over-the-top romantic comedy.

Angel is a modern southern belle—though she probably wouldn’t admit it. She uses all of her girlish charms to attract Harry—right down to batting her eyelashes, which had me laughing out loud, since I’ve never in my entire life batted my eyelashes at a guy. Oh, but Harry is worthy of every bit her silly actions. His good looks and fine body may make a woman weak in the knees, but he’s also intelligent with no narcissism about him.

Zesty, funny, and sweet, Feuding Hearts makes reading romance a special treat once again. The next time you’re looking for pure romance, pick up a copy of this sweet romantic comedy. It’s sure to feed your need for something light and just plain fun to get your mind off the workday for a few precious minutes.

Ed. Note: For more on Feuding Hearts, visit TheWildRosePress.com.

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