Occupy Faerie Review
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On a cool October evening, a protest movement gears up in City Park to march downtown on behalf of the poor inhabitants of the city. People from all around arrive to set up camp, hand out brochures, and keep the hot chocolate coming—including Ella Byrne, a faerie who plans to infiltrate the gang and cause chaos.

Ella approaches Chase Green, the reluctant leader of the movement, and gains valuable information. She creates a diversion, and then she sits back to watch the pandemonium unfold as she plays a diabolical game with the human race. And the only thing keeping chaos from taking complete control is the rules.

Occupy Faerie is a deliciously evil-minded short story with a twisted ending that I absolutely loved. Ella is a cool, methodical character who has no qualms about what she’s about to set off. She sees it as a fun game, and you can’t help but get caught up in her warped mind.

Author Marilyn Peake’s gift as a short story writer comes out in vivid splendor with Occupy Faerie. As you eagerly turn the pages and try to take a stab at what’s going on, you’ll never quite be sure what Ella has planned until the stunning conclusion. And as the plot becomes clearer and clearer, a sense of horror will settle in your stomach.

In fewer than twenty pages, Ms. Peake brings the whole plot together with accomplished skill. Each scene builds the suspense a little bit at a time, keeping you latched onto the story and anticipating the outcome. Occupy Faerie is one of the best short stories I’ve read in quite some time.

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