For the Love in Adler’s Brain Review
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Luc Kai’Leel was born on war-conquered Felida, but now he’s a naturalized citizen of Earth. He should have been able to pass as a Terran, so he’s shocked when Rena Powell shows up at his investigation firm knowing exactly where he’s from. But what’s even more shocking is what she wants him to recover.

Three weeks ago, Rena Powell lost her fiancé, Marcus Adler, when Federation Marshals spot-bombed his car. She believes they also took possession of his brain, and she wants Luc to help find it for her. Marcus was an android—an EHR-1 (the first exact human replicate)—and his is a positronic brain.

The Federation wants what’s locked inside Adler’s brain, and they’ll go to any lengths to get at it—even if it means killing innocent people. Luc soon finds himself in a deadly battle to rescue Adler’s brain and bring it back to Rena Powell—all without getting them killed.

For the Love in Adler’s Brain is a wild science-fiction caper with a humorous premise and a touch of romance. The wacky and off-the-wall story is sure to keep you grinning—even through the tense moments when you’ll wonder if Luc will make it out alive.

Author Toni V. Sweeney is known for her crazy plots, and For the Love in Adler’s Brain is one of the craziest. Just the thought of an investigator hunting for a woman’s fiancé’s brain had me laughing for a good five minutes. You can’t help but admire Ms. Sweeney’s imagination as she brings fantastical worlds to life, comes up with unique plots, and populates them with one-of-a-kind characters.

Luc is a fun-loving man who’s teamed up with a serious female. Rena just wants her fiancé’s brain back, and she doesn’t have time for Luc’s often playful attitude. This adds even more tension to the plot as you’ll begin to wonder if Luc will be able to crack Rena’s hard surface and win her heart.

Looking for something wholly different to break up the monotony of reading the same old formulaic novels? For the Love in Adler’s Brain is a fun, sexy, thrilling, and entertaining read that’s sure to please your taste for something outside the box. Careful, though—you might find yourself wanting more of the wild side.

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