Strange Eight Review
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K. L. Nappier’s Strange Eight is a collection of eight unique, speculative fiction short stories that’s sure to go on any reader’s keeper shelf—right along with those written by Edger Allan Poe and other literary geniuses.

In “Divine Messenger,” Emily Nash seeks to bargain with Death for her husband’s life. A clever little twist brings this story to a satisfying end.

Dean wants in on the scheme that Katie and her sugar daddy are running, but the scam isn’t what he thinks it is in “The Things Most Precious.” A cautionary tale about greed, wrapped around a riveting science fiction mystery, it’s sure to keep you wondering what exactly is going on.

“Hell Scabs Over,” “Victorian Dreadful,” and “New Home Décor” put the shock in shock fiction. Wait till you read these three deliciously evil short-shorts, which bring fresh new twists to historical murders.

Goldi Locke, Dorothy Gale, Glenda Goodewich, and Sno White meet at the Yellow Brick Café to share drinks and woes in “Sex and the Emerald City.” An unexpected turn of events may have you covering your mouth to stop the laughter, even as you look on in horror.

“The Troll” will leave you clinging to your sanity as it strolls into town and shrivels hearts to their death. But what of a widow’s? Can she last longer in the presence of such horror? Exploration of fear and courage brings this story to a boil as you ponder your own fears and wonder if it’s been allowed to rule for too long.

“Plan B” tells the story of a troll and an ogre on a winter’s journey that neither may survive. Friendship can unravel to a gossamer thread when survival is on the line. An adventurous tale with an uncertain end will keep you traveling along with the troll and ogre.

Science and spirituality collide in “Backslide” when a Buddhist, a physicist, and a heretic meet for drinks down at Sally’s. Some lifetimes are worse than others, and the heretic would do well to appreciate the present and tolerate other viewpoints. It’s an interesting and thought-provoking story that sticks with the reader.

The Wicked One tries to talk sense into the Divine One shortly before his sacrificial death in the short story “In Gethsemane.” The Devil tormented Jesus more than any human who walked the earth. Why is that, I wonder? Think about it. Left open for interpretation, this imaginative story will leave you with profound thoughts that will linger for days.

Though I’d already read most of these stories in other anthologies, I loved them just as much the second time around. Ms. Nappier possesses the gift to make her readers reach deep down and really think about the issues around them. Her unique talent opens up a world of possibilities that you just can’t wait to explore through fiction—and Strange Eight brings that out with vivid clarity.

This collection of adult-bent short stories reminds me of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, only with an even sharper edge—brilliant in the execution, chilling in nature, and classics in the making. Don’t deprive yourself of Strange Eight; you’ll be glad you didn’t.

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