Private: #1 Suspect Review
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James Patterson and Maxine Paetro make one heck of a great writing team, and they prove it once again with their classy thriller Private: #1 Suspect, the latest in a private investigation series thatís sure to blow the lid off a popular genre.

Jack Morgan can afford expensive cars and expensive homes, but what he canít afford is to be a suspect in the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Molloyónot if he wants to hang on to Private, his top-notch investigation firm, which gets in where the authorities canít legally tread.

When Jack arrives home after a long, grueling business trip, he finds his ex-girlfriend shot to death in his bed. The police immediately suspect Jack because he could very easily clean up a crime scene. After all, his employees are smart and fast, and no one can touch them when it comes to technology. The evidence isnít looking good for Jack, so he sets out to investigate the case and get at the truth.

While under investigation by the police, Jack helps the manager of a luxury hotel quietly look into a string of baffling murders. Heís also askedóor, rather, orderedóto recover $30 million in pharmaceutical drugs for a local mobster. In addition, heís also fighting to keep his number-two investigator, Justine Smith, from walking away from the firm.

Though Jack is a bit too cavalier in his love life, I couldnít help but like him anyway. The character possesses a certain charm thatís irresistible, and he has a mostly good heart. Iím old enough and jaded enough not to fall for his charms, but I canít say the same for the women in Private: #1 Suspectóespecially Justine. For that reason, I ended up being a little disappointed with her in the end, since she comes across as a strong female lead all through the rest of the novel.

Private: #1 Suspect clips along with twists and turns that come at you from all angles. Its several subplots will also keep you glued to the storyóand though they arenít really connected to the main plot, they never distract from it. Instead, they add more intrigue and thrills to an already hyperactive plot.

If you want to be entertained to the max, you canít go wrong when you pick up a thriller by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. The talented writing team has scorched the road of suspense and set it on fire with Private: #1 Suspect.

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