Guilty Wives Review
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I smell another movie deal with this awesome new suspense thriller from James Patterson and David Ellis. Guilty Wives opens on a disquieting note, and the suspense keeps on building, page after page, until you beg for mercy.

Abbie Elliot and her three closest friends decide to escape from their husbands for a long weekend in Monte Carlo. A lavish hotel room, expensive champagne and dining, sashimi and sake, dancing, gambling, and sun all add to a luxurious experience—paradise for four whole days. Then things go terribly wrong, and Abbie and her friends end up arrested for murder.

When Abbie awakens on a yacht after a wild night of fun, she’s surrounded by police. Something horrible has happened, and the “Monte Carlo Mistresses” are accused of the crime. No one believes that they’re innocent, and the detectives assigned to the case push for confessions. But Abbie has no intention of admitting to a crime she didn’t commit, even if it would reduce her sentence.

What follows is a travesty of mythic proportions as Abbie battles to prove their innocence and stay alive.

I didn’t expect to enjoy Guilty Wives because of the lavish lifestyle that Abbie and her friends enjoy. I figured it would make them self-centered, with delusions of entitlement—but that doesn’t happen here. Though they commit a few “sins,” the harsh punishment certainly does not fit the crime. One thing’s for sure: I don’t ever want to get arrested in France.

Phenomenal strength and endurance makes Abbie’s character jump off the page and burrow deep under your skin. Her character comes alive, and you’ll live every torturous moment with her. Outraged by everything that happens to her, you’ll wish you could crawl between the pages of the book and help her. She’s a compelling and unforgettable character.

With its deep-seated plot, exceptional characters, and hard-driving suspense, Guilty Wives is an escape with a bite. It might hurt to read it at times, but it’s a journey that you’ll want to keep traveling. And though you might guess the guilty party early on in the novel, you’re still going to want to keep going, hoping for some serious payback.

Just when you think that James Patterson can’t get any better, he proves you wrong with Guilty Wives. The man’s talent is phenomenal.

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