Unlikely Praise Review
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Candi Canaberry leads the worship through music program at the Cornerstone Fellowship Church. She’s a tough gun when it comes to worshiping God, and she’s not one to put up with nonsense. So when Pastor Charles Littleton asks her to welcome the new guitar player, Samuel Blackledge—a.k.a Shade, a former member of the rock band Dead Lizard Highway—she’s none too happy about it. After all, what could a long-haired, tattooed, ex-rocker have to offer God?

After recovering from a bad car accident that killed his friend, Pete, Shade decides to return to familiar ground. He hopes to straighten up his life and eventually be allowed to become a part of his six-month-old daughter’s life. As he recovers from alcohol abuse, he leaves his rock career behind and pursues a different music path at Cornerstone Fellowship. But the pretty music leader seems to have a problem with his appearance and his past, and it’s going to take a whole lot of convincing to bring her around.

Unlikely Praise is a delightful Christian romance that shows how God can use anyone for His glory—even rock stars. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you look like as long as you come with a contrite and willing heart. It’s just the people you’ll have to convince that you’re worthy—and Ms. Rossi clearly brings that out in this novel.

Shade is a much easier character to like than Candi. Shade’s sense of humor and willingness to help, even when faced with insurmountable odds, makes him an endearing character, and you’ll wish to see him succeed. But while Candi’s heart is in the right place, she’s so uptight and controlling that I found myself wanting to give her a good shaking. It got to the point where I started laughing and thinking, She needs to yank that stick out of her… (Well, we won’t go there.) However, she slowly starts coming around, making it much easier to like her.

Secondary characters add fun and laughter to the plot, each with his or her own unique personality, giving the impression that the worship group is a big, happy family that you’d want to hang out with.

With its engaging characters and smooth, flowing prose that’s mixed with warmth, humor, and challenges, Unlikely Praise will draw you in for a pleasant afternoon of light reading. So grab a copy, sit in your favorite lounge chair or hammock, and enjoy this unseasonably warm weather with a good book.

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