Gods and Fathers Review
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Matt DeMarco, a former Marine turned lawyer, doesn’t get along very well with his son, Michael. His marriage ended badly, and now his ex-wife has pulled his son away from him. Her marriage to a rich and powerful Arab businessman complicates Matt’s life on many levels, but it gets even more complicated when Michael is arrested for the brutal rape and murder of his girlfriend, Yasmine Hayek.

DeMarco can’t represent his son, but he can hire Jade Lee, another good lawyer, to help him. But Michael’s mother and stepfather have other resources, and DeMarco finds himself mostly shut out where the fate of his son is concerned. Caught in an international upheaval, Michael just might go down for a crime he didn’t commit—and quite possibly forfeit his life to boot. Matt DeMarco is not about to let that happen.

James LePore never ceases to impress me with his complex plots and deeply driven characters. Gods and Fathers is his strongest international thriller thus far, with stronger characters and suspense that will have you grinding your teeth with tension. Throw in moral complications that up the wince factor, and you’ve got a thriller that’s going to keep you up all night.

Matt DeMarco is the kind of father that you can’t help but admire as he goes to any lengths to protect his son from being convicted of something he didn’t do. His belief in his son’s innocence is so strong that you’ll refuse to believe that he’s guilty—even when all evidence points toward him. And you’ll root for any small angle that’ll prove him innocent.

It takes a deft hand and a willing imagination to write an international thriller like Gods and Fathers, and LePore pulls it off without a hitch. Every meticulous plot point comes together in the end, and you’ll marvel at the skill of this fairly new author in creating one of the most complicated mysteries in the thriller genre.

Plenty of prime suspects—and twists that turn sharp corners—will keep you reevaluating every clue and every person involved, right up to the adrenaline-packed conclusion. Pick up a copy of Gods and Fathers to see what all the fuss is about, and you just might just find yourself adding James LePore to your favorite authors list.

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