The Marriage Bundle Review
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I like books that I can’t wait to return to after I’m forced to put them down—books that I want to run home to after work. Unfortunately, author Earlene Gleisner’s The Marriage Bundle wasn’t one of those books. The plot just didn’t hold my interest for any length of time.

One night, while using the Ouija board with some friends to channel teachers to help bring healing and health to themselves and others, something unexpected happened to Selena Howells. A spirit guide named Amach spoke through her, telling the group that the entire world must come together for strength—and there can be no division. According to Amach, they would play a part in bringing all this about.

For years afterward, Selena tried drowning her psychic abilities and shutting out Amach by drinking to excess. Eventually, though, she decides to give up alcohol and help others with her gift. However, she still doesn’t allow Amach to speak through her—it just feels too weird. Then Amach appears to Selena in an unusual way and warns her that danger lies ahead—and it could involve someone she loves dearly—so Selena races to figure out the danger before it’s too late.

Most of The Marriage Bundle is spent focusing on the many woes that plague Selena—and it gets pretty tiresome after a while. The character is so wrapped up in herself that she becomes unlikable. She also seems to be on one long, drug-induced trip of some kind throughout most of the novel. Sitting naked on a rock with rattlesnakes crawling nearby doesn’t seem like a very smart thing to do, even if she does trust her spirit guides to keep her safe. Hey, I trust God, but He also expects me to use common sense in my life.

Though The Marriage Bundle is a well-written metaphysical piece of work, the story isn’t presented in an interesting way. The danger that Selena faces is only hinted at here and there, and the action doesn’t really take off until nearly the end of the book. For once, I actually wanted less character and more plot.

Unless you’re really into the metaphysical lifestyle, and you don’t mind constantly hearing about the character’s many troubles to the point of excess, then you might enjoy The Marriage Bundle. Just don’t expect much suspense or many surprises.

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