Extensive Search Continues
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JAVA CENTER, NY A search that began more than a week ago still continues at the Stanley household in Java Center.

The Stanleys’ son, six-year-old Josh Stanley, heads up the search, occasionally joined by friends, several neighborhood children, and numerous dogs. Stanley has been recruiting the services of a these children as he spends day and night in an intense search for the last few plastic Easter eggs that his parents hid in the back yard, one of which allegedly contains a five-dollar bill.

Josh’s mother is quite concerned by the relentlessness of their son’s search. “He comes straight home from school at 3:30 and searches until we make him come in and get ready for bed,” reports Jennifer Stanley. “I’ve been begging him to give up, but he won’t do it. He knows it’s out there, and he’s determined to find it.”

Josh’s father, however, is impressed and encouraged by his son’s determination. “Look at that boy,” says a smiling Ted Stanley, pointing to the small figure digging its way through garbage cans beside the house. “He’s a tough kid, and I’m proud to call him my son. He won’t give up until he finds those last two eggs—and he shouldn’t. It’s training him to be a grown-up. He’ll be one hell of a man someday.”

Josh has been trying every method imaginable in his attempts to find the final eggs. He mowed the entire lawn, and he’s trimmed all of the bushes. While he searches, he admits, he dreams of what he’ll do with that five dollars. “That’ll buy a lot of candy,” he states.

Jennifer Stanley continues to beg her son to give up her search, reluctantly admitting to reporters that she and her husband can’t even remember where they hid the last two eggs—if, in fact, they did hide them. But, if they’re out there, Josh is convinced that he’ll find them…someday.

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