E-Author Spotlight: Carla Rossi
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I’m always on the lookout for a really great Christian romance author who writes believable characters in believable situations that test the characters’ faith. Add an interesting, page-turning plot, and I’m hooked. Author Carla Rossi gives her readers all of the above.

Growing up in Virginia, Carla Rossi turned her playhouse into a bank, school, hair salon (her brother ended up with some pretty wild hair-dos), and whatever her imagination could come up with. Today, she’s a musician, and she loves to cross-stitch, and those who know her may be surprised to find that she also likes to paint and repurpose old furniture. She’s a collector of miniature rocks and animals and an avid collector of Hello Kitty, whom she thinks rules.

Ms. Rossi often has a recurring dream involving plane crashes. Through the years, she’s seen a hundred different versions, though she’s never had the same dream twice. In some dreams, she’s driving and comes upon a crash site. In others, she sees things happen to airplanes in the sky. She always seems to be in a position to help or call for help.

Ironically, she’s not afraid to fly and has no fear of a crash when she does. Her son is even a pilot. She’s convinced that these dreams are because she grew up a few miles from a small regional airport. There were retired military planes on display there, and some were damaged. At the time, they were able to park along the side of the road and get out and crawl all over those planes. She thinks that those images and experiences were buried in her subconscious, and they keep showing up in dreams. Of all the things she’s buried in there in her life, it’s the airplanes that come up in her sleep.

Some of her favorite things include: her faith, her family, chocolate, snow leopards, mountains, off-beat movies, and Words with Friends.

On Writing, In Ms. Rossi’s Own Words

What or who inspires you to write?

As a cancer survivor, just about anyone or anything can spark a story. Everything is worth writing.

Why did you begin writing?

Because I couldn’t not begin writing.

Which author inspires you?

They all do! Writing is hard work, and anyone who can get 90,000 random words to twist and turn and come to a satisfying ending inspires me and makes me want to keep going.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

Fan mail.

Have you experienced writer’s block? And, if so, how did you cure it?

I think I’m coming out of some sort of writer’s block right now. I think it started from too much life stress. Not sure how it ended because I’m still stressed. I think it was a matter of keeping my butt in the chair and getting something on the page until it looked right again.

When is your next book due out, and what’s it about?

My next book is a follow-up to Unlikely Praise. It is Rocky’s story. He is the bass player in Shade and Candi’s band. He enters into a modern day “marriage of convenience” with a woman who is studying to be a child psychologist. No release date yet.

Where can readers find you online?

CarlaRossi.com or Facebook.com/CarlaRossiAuthor

Please read my review of Unlikely Praise. Then visit Carla Rossi online!

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