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The only protection Yadira Maxwell has ever had is from her husband, J. But then an Imperial Marshal from the Draco Alliance Territory shoots him dead on a train during a crime. Horrified and devastated, Yadira must choose between going back to her husband’s employer, who deals in slave trade, and accepting protection from her husband’s killer. Neither is an appealing choice.

Imperial Marshal Weber had no choice but to shoot the defiant and guilty man before him--it was either kill or be killed. His only regret is the pain he’s caused Yadira, an innocent who had no business being with a man like J. But now she’s in even more danger from a man named Brinolis who wants Yadira to replace J. Weber has no intention of allowing that to happen.

As they dodge Brinolis and his thugs, Yadira and Weber find themselves uncontrollably attracted to each other, but they have no chance of being together as long as Brinolis has a claim on Yadira.

Vigilant is a straightforward science-fiction romance that reminds me of the way romances used to be written—with a damsel in distress being protected by a mysterious hero—and I discovered that I still like those types of romances.

Yadira spends a great deal of time crying over J. Though there’s a legitimate reason for this, it still should have gotten on my nerves, but it didn’t. She’s just so fragile and sincere in her suffering that you can’t help feeling for her. Still, even though she’s fragile, it doesn’t mean that she’s weak. Instead, she handles being tugged from one location to another with strength and determination.

Weber’s protective nature kicks into high gear when it comes to Yadira, and you can’t help but like him for that, especially since he’s supposed to be a tough, unemotional Imperial Marshal who gets the job done in any old way he can—whether his superiors like it or not. He’s never overbearing or demanding of Yadira, nor does he treat her like a child. He makes a great hero—and you’ll like him in spite of his rebellious nature.

Filled with fast-paced scenes, a few surprises, and tons of super, sexy romance, Vigilant is sure to please any romance junkie—especially those who like a little bit of futuristic science-fiction blended into the plot.

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