Cutter Mountain Rendezvous Review
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Kate Crockett has had a pretty rough life, so she decides to go it alone. With her small daughter, she begins work on a bed and breakfast in a remote part of the county, but things start going wrong right from the beginning. Her carpenter leaves, and someone starts prowling around the property. Then Colton Grey, pitcher for the Chicago Bullets, shows up determined to help her, which is the last thing she wants from any man.

Colton just needs a little R&R, so his shoulder can heal after a stupid dirt bike accident. If he can’t get his throwing arm back into shape, his career in baseball will end almost before it begins. He finds himself stopping in a small town, the first unofficial boarder at Kate’s bed and breakfast. He knows that she needs help, though she’s too stubborn to allow it. But when her property is in danger of being taken away, Colton steps in—which may or may not be a good idea.

As Kate struggles with her uncertain future and Colton fights to get his arm back into shape, the attraction grows between the two—something that neither one thinks will work out in the long run.

Cutter Mountain Rendezvous serves up a different kind of hero with charm to spare. As you read, Colton’s character will put a silly grin on your face during just about every scene. He’s downright adorable with his laid back manner and his keen sense of humor.

Kate’s character, on the other hand, is a little harder to warm up to. Right from the beginning, she decides to dislike Colton—for no other reason than he’s a celebrity of sorts. A little bit of stubbornness at the beginning of the story would have been fine, but she keeps it up for nearly the whole novel, which had me grinding my teeth in irritation at times. When a heroine acts like that, I find it hard to believe that the hero can fall in love with her.

However, Cutter Mountain Rendezvous is an interesting and entertaining romance with just a hint of suspense. Something unusual is going on up on Cutter Mountain, and you’re going to want to hang around to find out what it is. And if the heroine gets on your nerves too much, you’ll always have the charming hero to make you smile.

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