The Pout-Pout Fish Review
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Unabridged Audiobook: 1 CD (4 1/2 minutes)
Read by Alexander Gould

We all have our days—those days when we just don’t feel like smiling. On those days, it doesn’t matter how many of our friends and family members try to cheer us up—because there’s just no turning that frown upside down. Still, if you’re having one of those days, spending a few minutes with author Deborah Diesen’s fun kids’ book, The Pout-Pout Fish, might just help.

The Pout-Pout Fish tells the story of a sad, pouty fish whose big, pouty face brings sadness and gloom to everyone who shares his underwater world. Though his friends and neighbors come from all around to try to get him to cheer up—even just a little bit—Mr. Fish is convinced that there’s no hope for him. It’s just the way he is. With such a pout-pout face, there’s nothing else for him to do but to spread his “dreary-wearies.” But then a mysterious shimmery fish comes along and helps the sad-sack fish change his mind—and his attitude.

With its cute underwater characters and its colorful, cartoonish illustrations by animator Dan Hanna, The Pout-Pout Fish is just the thing to brighten up an otherwise sad, pouty day. Diesen uses plenty of silly words and clever rhymes to tell a fun little story that makes it hard to keep from smiling.

Kids will love exploring the fish’s underwater world—home to cheerful clams, straight-talking squid, and all kinds of other little creatures who tend to hide out in the ocean floor. They’ll also enjoy reading along with the simple story and reciting the pout-pout fish’s gloomy, repetitive mantra.

Still, you can make the experience even better by reading along with the included audio CD, which features narration by Alexander Gould (the voice of Nemo from Finding Nemo). The light, tropical background music perfectly complements the underwater tale, and Gould’s narration is playful and fun, complete with changing voices and plenty of other silliness. The CD even includes two different tracks: the standard version and the read-along version, which tells young readers when they need to turn the page.

So whether someone in your family is having one of those days or you’re just in the mood for a lovable underwater adventure, pick up a copy of The Pout-Pout Fish. You and your little ones are sure to enjoy the colorful creatures and fun-filled narration of this cheery little tale.

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