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This edition of Stolen from the Headlines introduces a man who claims that a rooster is his best friend, two nervous robbers who learned that guns are loud, a couple who decided to get married in a mud pit, and a girl who took a bite out of her boyfriend.

The Usual Mud Pit Wedding
Originally reported by United Press International

A Florida mud-bogging couple recently got married at the same mud pit where the groom first proposed a year ago.

The wedding was notable for several minutes of mud tossing among the guests prior to the proceedings. An informed source (a wedding crasher) said that ATV riders were asked to turn off their engines during the ceremony.

The groom said the wedding doubled as a honeymoon, as he had to get back to work Monday.

Besides, the couple had to stay in town for the mud wrestling contest.

Not a Firearms Expert
Originally reported by NWF Daily News

A 41-year-old woman from Fort Walton Beach, Florida, was arrested after a domestic dispute late last month.

The police report said that the woman got drunk and began to argue with her boyfriend about their relationship. Her boyfriend wanted to break things off and tried to leave, but the woman grabbed his leg and bit him hard enough that he began to bleed.

The boyfriend tried to get away when the woman drew a paintball gun. He grabbed the barrel of the gun, but they both lost their balance and fell out of the front door of the apartment.

The paintball gun was a nice touch.

They Didn’t Know It Was Loaded
Originally reported by United Press International

Texas police have reported that two robbers were scared off when one of their guns went off during the crime.

Investigators said that two masked men walked into the Valero Corner Store in San Antonio early on a Thursday morning and demanded cash from the clerk.

However, the would-be robbers fled when one of their guns accidentally went off.

The police alert says that suspects should be considered armed and dangerous—to themselves.

Cute Meet at the P. O.
Originally reported by the Palm Beach Post

Boynton Beach, Florida, police have reported that a local man on probation for cockfighting was arrested after picking up a live rooster at the post office.

Danny Pham was arrested on cockfighting charges, along with six other citizens, during the 2009 Super Bowl. Pham said that he had invited friends over to watch the game, and he was shocked to learn that 89 roosters were found in his back yard. He was put on probation and forbidden to possess any animals.

Pham claimed that the rooster was a pet that he took for a walk every day.

We’ll need to see video.

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