Rollick! Review
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Players: 6+ (ages 13+)
Playing Time: 30 minutes

Sometimes, it really is the simplest game that packs in the most entertainment, and Rollick! may just be at the top of the list in that category.

If you’ve got a group of friends who love Charades, then Rollick! will be a great addition to your next get-together. The premise of the game is pretty basic: instead of one player acting out a word and having the team guess, the rest of the team is acting while one of the players guesses. Each correct guess awards you one point, and the team with the most points at the end wins the game.

It may sound easy enough, but this game also allows you to choose a level of difficulty for the words you act out. You can choose the easy stack and take the coward’s way out, or you can make your friends sweat with the advanced stack. Either way, you as a team will need to rely on each others' creativity and fast thinking at a minimum—because you’ll need to combine all of your resources to pull off these downright hilarious actions.

Thankfully, though, you won’t have to rely on your the modest miming abilities of your buddies alone, since the game encourages the use of props as well. You’re really only limited by what you can think up and what you can grab around you in under a minute. (My personal favorite is the “mariachi band”—there’s nothing quite as amusing as watching your friends play air trumpets while they leap around a baseball cap on the floor.)

Even though this game is simplistic in its overall style, the rules provide for a good number of variations as well, depending on how you want to play. This makes it accessible for all ages, while allowing you to keep the game fresh and different each time you come back to the scoreboard. Rollick! will certainly challenge your best Charades players while making enthusiasts out of new ones.

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