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As a child, Jane Grey watched as her grandfather murdered her mother and grandmother with an ax. The only way Jane escaped was by hiding in the crawlspace beneath the porch. Somehow, she overcame the tragedy of that day, and she now works for NASA. But the past rises back up when she receives an unexpected inheritance with a curious condition in the will. Now she has to go home—and that’s the last place she ever wants to see again.

When Jane returns to Summerville, she runs into Andrew Morgan—the guy she almost lost her virginity to back in high school. He now works as a deputy for the local police department, but he seems to be holding something back from her. He charms her into going out with him, but this leads to him getting dragged into her problems, which could end up destroying both of their lives.

At the heart of Something Special, there’s a mystery—and you’re going to want to unravel it while enjoying the heat of the attraction between Jane and Andrew. They definitely scorch up the pages.

Jane is a fragile heroine whom you’ll fear may break at any moment, yet she has a quiet strength about her that can’t be denied. At times, though, she comes across as a bit uptight, which can get annoying—though it’s understandable, given her past.

Meanwhile, with his charm and sense of humor, Andrew is downright adorable. He’s a take-charge kind of guy who’s not afraid of adventure—even if it’s a little bit dangerous. Even when things get complicated, he doesn’t run in the opposite direction. He’s just the man to help Jane with her skittish behavior, and he does it with a gentle touch.

Short and entertaining—with a few hair-raising moments and plenty of surprises—Something Special will keep you engaged with its unique plot. It’s not the same romantic suspense that you’ve read a thousand times before, so treat yourself to this wonderful read ASAP.

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