Baby Shark’s Showdown at Chigger Flats Review
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To paraphrase an old Jim Croce song - You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger, and you don’t mess around with Kristin Van Dijk, a.k.a. Baby Shark. Or, to put it more truthfully, don’t mess around with those she loves.

As a private investigator, Otis Millet has helped put plenty of bad men behind bars. Many of those men want revenge—and one of them manages to escape while being transported to the hospital. Suffering from cancer, Walter Fairchild is in no shape to come after Otis himself, so he sends his plethora of family members. When that doesn’t produce results, they resort to kidnapping him.

Not only is Otis her partner, but he’s also the closest thing that Kristin has to family—besides Henry Chin, the man who pulled her out of a burning bar on the day her father died. She’s not about to let some two-bit hard-case get away with kidnapping Otis—and God help anyone who stands in her way.

With the help of Henry Chin, Mae Haversen (Otis’s one-time love interest), and a Deputy U.S. Marshal named Coit Bowden, Kristin goes looking for Otis. And she’s not coming back—or backing down—until she finds him.

It takes a deft hand to create the kind of kick-ass heroine that a reader like me can like, but author Robert Fate does it so easily with Kristin Van Dijk. She’s one of my all-time favorite characters—right up there with Jason Bourne and Christopher Snow.

The bad guys, on the other hand, are so despicable that you’ll actually cheer when Kristin takes them down while doing her best to save some poor soul in jeopardy. She has a heart, but she won’t hesitate to shoot you dead if you threaten her or someone she cares about. How can you not like a character like that?

Baby Shark’s Showdown at Chigger Flats takes place in 1960, which gives the plot a vintage edge while hiking up the intrigue. It’s a time when the only things you have on your side to combat evil are your friends, your intelligence, and a .38 Special. Plenty of hair-raising scenes will keep you turning pages as guns blaze and the body count rises.

Chock full of both wit and emotion, Baby Shark’s Showdown at Chigger Flats isn’t just another story about vigilante justice. You’ll care about these characters as you’re dragged right into the action, dodging bullets and breathing gun smoke. So don’t deprive yourself of the Baby Shark experience; in the end, you’ll be glad you took my advice.

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