The Bourne Imperative Review
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Once again, in author Eric Van Lustbader’s The Bourne Imperative, Jason Bourne finds himself wrapped up in international secrets. While on a fishing trip with a friend in Sadeloga, Sweden, he drags an unknown man out of the freezing water. The man lies near death, but he manages to pull through—though he wakes with no memory of who he is or where he’s been. Bourne soon learns that this man knows things that only someone trained as Bourne would know—and this both intrigues and worries him.

A Mossad agent named Rebeka hunts the unknown man, desperate to find him for the information he has locked away inside his mind. She’s so desperate that she goes off the grid and cuts ties with her own agency, leading them to send an assassin after her. Now Jason Bourne is her only hope.

Treadstone directors Peter Marks and Soraya Moore become entangled in Bourne’s investigation as they look for a terrorist named Nicodemo, who may or may not be a myth. Lies and betrayal abound on all sides, and lives go through traumatic changes as secrets are uncovered that will devastate the future of the world.

I admire an author who can put together such a complex plot, making it look like the characters have no way out before pulling it all together in the end with unquestionable plausibility. It’s always that way with a Jason Bourne novel. Eric Van Lustbader is the best there is at the game, and The Bourne Imperative will leave you with no doubt that he hasn’t lost his edge.

Bourne is vicious when it comes to protecting himself and others, but he’s still the compassionate man everyone admires—and, once again, you’ll be reminded of how glad you are that he’s on the good guys’ side. Sometimes, though, you’ll question just how many times one man can escape death.

Emotions ripple just below the surface of this fast-paced thriller as each character takes a major hit in some way or another. You’ll never quite be sure whose side you should be rooting for—other than Jason Bourne’s, of course. Meanwhile, hand-to-hand combat, shootouts, and high-speed chases blend together with high-strung passions that will leave you breathless and starved for more of the same.

Add The Bourne Imperative to your collection of Jason Bourne novels. You won’t be disappointed.

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