Diary of a Vampire Stripper Review
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She calls herself Claudia, and she dances at the Hoochie Coochie Club, but her real name is Audra, and her life is a laughable mess. Then she meets Darren Von Eldon, and suddenly her world becomes a fairy tale—until she wakes up craving blood and finds her prince gone.

Claudia tries to adjust to her new life by drinking the blood of pigeons and various other kinds of birds and keeping a low profile, which is difficult to do as a stripper. She meets a few unsavory men who don’t know the meaning of “no” before she meets Paul—a big, goofy, puppy dog type of man who’s smitten with her. Not exactly another fairy tale, but he’ll do. However, she’s reluctant to bring him into her unsafe world.

Headless bodies begin turning up around the neighborhood, and the vampires are sure that it’s the werewolves, trying to start a war. The werewolves, meanwhile, blame the vampires. Supernatural politics takes over, and Claudia gets caught in the middle. She wants no part of it, but someone has to put the brakes on the impending war, and it might as well be her—if she can stay alive long enough to help.

Diary of a Vampire Stripper is part vampire porn and part mystery, with a smidgen of comedy thrown in to lighten things up a bit—even though the comedy is on the dark side. The story really picks up when the mystery kicks in and Claudia starts investigating. Things turn harrowing in the matter of just a few pages, and you won’t be able to turn them fast enough to see what happens next.

Claudia is a likable, sarcastic, and sassy heroine who can take care of herself, no matter what situation she might find herself in. She’s compassionate with her friends and kick-ass with her enemies. As her life goes from bad to worse, you’ll find yourself relating to her experiences because they’re so horrible to the point of being laughable. I think I cracked a rib near the end, laughing at the situation that broke the camel’s back.

Author Cinserae Santiago’s penchant for vivid detail—especially the gross kind—makes Diary of a Vampire Stripper a fun and entertaining read that you’ll be eager to get back to. And she ends it all with a humorous bang that will have you running out the door to pick up the next book in the series.

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