On the Night You Were Born Review
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Unabridged Audiobook: 1 CD (4 1/2 minutes)
Read by Orlagh Cassidy

Any parent will tell you that the whole world changed at the precise moment when his or her child was born. Suddenly, everything was different. The sun shone a little brighter; the sky was a little bluer—all because of this one special little person.

Author Nancy Tillman’s beloved children’s book, On the Night You Were Born, expresses what every mother already knows: that her child is truly special. The book celebrates the individuality of each and every child, reminding young readers that there’s no one like them; there never has been, and there never will be. They’re so special, in fact, that on the night they were born, the world changed forever. The polar bears danced and the moon smiled as news of the birth traveled with the wind.

On the Night You Were Born tells a beautiful story—both in words and in pictures. It may be a short, simple little book, but it’s one that will touch parents’ hearts while bringing a smile to children’s faces. The artwork, meanwhile, is every bit as charming as the story. Tillman’s illustrations are warm and serene, with eye-catching colors and magical imagery.

The included audio version, read by Orlagh Cassidy, makes the perfect companion piece to the book—especially since some mommies might have a hard time reading the whole thing out loud without getting just a little choked up. You can choose from three audio versions of the story: the main version, with Cassidy’s narration over music, a read-along version with a chime to signal each turn of the page, or a version read by the author. The main version, however, couldn’t be much better. Cassidy’s voice is peaceful, and her narration is slow and soothing—and the calming lullaby music that plays beneath her makes it ideal for bedtime.

Really, my only complaint is that the set comes with a paperback copy of the book instead of hardcover. It’s sure to be a story time favorite, and a hardcover book would not only stand up to frequent readings better, but it would also be a little easier for small hands to hold open.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect bedtime book for your own little one or you’re shopping for a baby gift for a friend, On the Night You Were Born is a wonderful choice. Not only is it a moving and meaningful story for parents, but it will also delight young readers as they drift off to sleep.

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