Surrender to the Roman Review
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I always get excited when a new novel by M. K. Chester comes out because I know that Iím going to get a fantastic story in which Iíll be able to lose myself for hours. And Surrender to the Roman is no exception.

Princess Ademeni, daughter of King Decebalus, is dragged from her homeland and forced into slavery by the Romans. Faced with separation from her sister and the death of her father, Ademeni vows to visit revenge upon the man responsible for her demise: General Marcus Cordovis. Sheíll await the perfect opportunity, when heís unaware of her intentions, then sheíll strike. When the moment arrives, though, will Ademeni be able to act, or will her heart overrule her lust for vengeance?

Marcus Cordovis didnít ask forónor does he wantóthe slave that his brother-in-law, Tertullian, sent to his home. He has no wish to bed her like Tertullian, who takes sadistic pleasure in bedding his slaves, yet Ademeni stirs his blood and heart like no woman has since the death of his wife. But his passion for her could brand him a traitor, and heíll lose all he holds sacred if he allows his heart to take control.

In Surrender to the Roman, second-century Rome comes to life in the skillful hands of author M. K. Chester, who weaves a tale of passion and retribution among the filth and disregard for human life. Romance runs at a feverish pitch as the tension builds between two people on opposite sides of a great empire thatís bent on conquering the world.

Marcus Cordovis is a rare Roman man. He has no taste for cruelty, and heís sickened by Romeís gladiator games, in which prisoners are forced to fight to the death. Heís noble and kind, and readers are sure to fall in love with him. Princess Ademeni, meanwhile, is full of fire, and sheís determined to win her freedom at any cost. Youíll admire her spirit and courage as she fights her enemy and heart.

Not only does a great romance brew, but so does treachery and betrayal, adding a touch of suspense that will keep readers on the outcrop of a long drop, awaiting the outcome. Like those who are powerless to look away from a man standing on a ledge high above the street, youíll be unable to look away from this passionate story of love born out of hatred as only M.K. Chester can write it.

Live it, love it, breathe it inóSurrender to the Roman is one of the best romances Iíve read all year. Tasteful yet evocative, itís sure to please those who want less mushiness in their romance and more truth, adventure, and passion.

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