Miracles and Mischief
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Pages: 89
Goes Well With: Avocado salad and ice-cold green tea

Miraclesóone of those things that only seem to happen to other people. However, itís nice to read about them, and, in Miracles and Mischief, author Mary Manners brings readers a sweet story about a miracle that most of us pray for when faced with a loved oneís terminal illness.

Shayna Grady sits by her son, Zacís, bedside praying for a miracle, praying that heíll beat the cancer thatís ravaging his small body. Suffering from leukemia, Zac bravely waits for a bone marrow donor while dreaming of meeting his favorite football player, Nate Saylor.

After a bad game, Nate Saylor appears to have a meltdown and gets arrested for assault. Now he needs damage control for his image, so his manager recommends that he sign up to be a part of Moments for Miracles. His first request is to visit a child whoís dying of cancer at the Millís Landing Childrenís Hospital. He doesnít want to go back there, where bad memories will awaken and haunt him once again.

It didnít take me long to guess just where this journey in Miracles and Mischief would take me, but it was a pleasant journey full of spirit, love, and hope. Ms. Manners writes from the heart, delivering a heartfelt tale that inspires, leaving readers feeling good about life.

Shayna is fragile, but she has an inner strength that keeps her going while she faces the possibility of losing her son. Zac may be sick, but heís upbeat, and he faces everything with bravery that many adults wish they had. And Nate is truly a gift from God who lends added strength to two people who need it so very badly.

Though Iím not one to immerse myself in stories of sadness, I enjoyed Miracles and Mischief. We all need to be reminded that sometimes everything turns out well and according to Godís plan. And Miracles and Mischief, with its message of hope, is a great choice to bring out that revelation.

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