Army Wives: Season Six, Part One Review
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In the sixth season of Army Wives, Fort Marshall gears up to shut down as a hurricane brews off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. When the hurricane hits the coast, it throws everyone’s plans into turmoil.

Claudia Joy Holden (Kim Delaney) faces less responsibility as an officer’s wife, leaving her feeling lost, left out, and a bit paranoid. When Audrey (Susan Lucci), a woman with ties in Washington, warns her that someone is out to undermine her husband’s chances at a third star, Claudia steps over the line to prevent it.

Denise Sherwood (Catherine Bell) welcomes to the base an old friend, Jackie Clarke (Kelli Williams), whose husband is also after a third star. This causes problems between Claudia Joy and Catherine that could destroy their lifelong friendship. Meanwhile, a mission in Africa disturbs Colonel Frank Sherwood (Terry Serpico), causing nightmares and sleepless nights.

Roxy Leblanc (Sally Pressman) takes on more responsibility when she becomes the leader for her husband’s battalion’s FRG (Family Readiness Group)—a catty bunch of women uninterested in helping out in any way. Roxy also finds herself having to help a struggling new Army wife, Gloria Cruz (Alyssa Diaz), handle the stress of military life and her overbearing husband, Private First Class Hector Cruz (Joseph Julian Soria).

Pamela Moran (Brigid Brannagh) faces the possibility of leaving Fort Marshall to join her husband in California sooner than expected, while Lieutenant Colonel Joan Burton (Wendy Davis) and Dr. Roland Burton (Sterling K. Brown) face challenges involving their adoptive son, David (McCarrie McClausland), who is HIV positive.

Another season of tears and joy await you in the first half of Army Wives: Season Six. Though I tell myself I’m not going to cry over a TV series again, I always end up doing just that when I watch Army Wives. Drama is not my usually thing, but I always make an exception for Army Wives, since the show’s drama is realistic and the women aren’t catty unless the scene really calls for it. The storyline is more uplifting and inspiring than down and dirty.

Though they may occasionally lose their way, Claudia Joy, Denise, Roxy, Pamela, and Joan are strong women who can handle whatever stress is thrown their way. They may cry in private, but they show their husbands and the world a strong backbone, willing to take on anything. Meanwhile, in this turbulent season, the men also get a little taste of what it’s like to worry when your spouse is in danger.

The show’s sixth season is somewhat predictable, but there are a few surprises that will hit you out of nowhere. In any case, you’ll enjoy spending time with these exceptional women (and men) who are stationed at Fort Marshall. The only thing unlikable about this three-disc set is that you only get half of season six—and if you’re a wait-until-it-comes-out-on-DVD type of gal, like me, you’ll have to wait until December for the other half.

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