Gemini Rising Review
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Brother and sister Alina and Alastair were born identical twins—a medical impossibility. Kept out of the media’s limelight, they’re secluded on an island. Their father doesn’t ever want them to leave and go where he can’t control them, but they’re restless spirits, and they fight to be free.

Faced with an unnatural love for his sister, Alastair battles to keep his lust in check while Alina encourages it. She can’t bear being separated from her brother, and she does all that she can to seduce him. He can’t find relief in other women, and he can’t bear for Alina to be with another man, which leads to forbidden love becoming consummated in a moment of blind passion.

Unable to indulge their pleasure in each other—except in quick, stolen moments—while on the island, their only hope is to escape and go where they can be free to love and live as husband and wife. Then Alastair hatches a brilliant plan to take the suspicion away and be able to have Alina whenever he pleases—or so he thought.

I can feel the cringes and see the looks of horror on everyone’s faces, but don’t be so quick to judge a story that you haven’t read to the end. Though Gemini Rising is loaded with sibling incest that might make you want to put the book down, don’t. Stick around until you understand why. The explanation is brilliant, plausible, and wholly uncontrived.

Beautifully and tastefully written, the story will make your heart ache for the twins who seem to have no escape from the island or from themselves. Erotic in nature, the love scenes may make you feel uncomfortable in a variety of ways; they’re definitely not for the faint of heart or the close-minded. However, you just might find that the journey is hard to step away from—even though the guilty part of you will think you should.

Gemini Rising is the most shocking and distinctive erotic romance I’ve ever read. Nothing remains inside the box once this talented author unleashes her imagination. Let go of your inhibitions for just a while and enjoy this evocative work of fiction.

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