Deadly Abandon Review
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Veterinarian Breeana McGill lost her husband in the line of duty while he was serving in the military. Since then, she’s been quite content to raise their son alone, with no desire to remarry. That all changes when Lieutenant Detective Sullivan Sauvage of the Mallard Bay Police department calls to ask her to rescue a dog at a crime scene—a crime scene where her friend, Rainy Dubé, was found drowned in her own hot tub. And it’s not the first friend’s death that Breeana has had to face in recent months.

Detective Sauvage discovers that Breeana is a fiery redhead with a penchant for putting herself in unnecessary danger. His job is to keep Breeana and her son safe while hunting a killer who has her name on his list. He quickly learns that he’s going to need help, so he calls in the men with whom he served in Special Ops—but that may not be enough, since they’re dealing with a clever killer who seems to know their every move.

As far as romantic suspense goes, Deadly Abandon is a good read. However, I had a problem with the characters—especially Breeana. Not only is she stubborn to a fault, but she’s incredibly stupid to boot. Running out of a police surveillance van after a building explodes isn’t a smart thing to do when you’ve got a killer waiting to pick you off with a sniper rifle, yet that’s exactly what Breeana does. I wanted to smack some sense into her—several times throughout the read, in fact. I think the author was going for a strong, independent woman with a good heart, but she came up with a stupid, stubborn character instead.

Detective Sullivan Sauvage was a marginally better character, but I couldn’t figure out why he would fall in love with a woman who continually defies him at every turn and refuses to use common sense when it comes to her own life. But I have to applaud him for taking on the challenge and handling it well.

Other than that, though, Deadly Abandon is a well-written romantic suspense that’s filled with fingernail-biting scenes that will keep you glued to the pages—even if the characters don’t. The plot is filled with enough clues and red herrings to keep you guessing before it totally surprises you with the outcome.

So if you can get past the heroine who seems too stupid to live, then you’ll enjoy this latest release by author Kallie Lane.

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