Sheriff McBride Review
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Hannah Stewart steps off the coach into Blue Spring, Kansas, with a secret—a secret that she’s determined to protect if she ever wants to have a normal life. She takes a job as the cook for Birdie’s Room and Board in an effort to keep her head down and go unnoticed. But she didn’t plan on Sheriff Adam McBride being so interested in her—and her past, which is none of his business. Maybe Kansas wasn’t far enough for her to run, after all.

Sheriff McBride can’t help but notice the pretty new cook at Birdie’s, and he’s positive that she’s hiding something. She doesn’t look like an outlaw—but, then again, some outlaws don’t. In any case, he’s itching to uncover her secret—and uncover it, he will. He just hopes that it’s not anything major because he’s halfway in love with her already.

Sweet, funny, and filled with loveable characters, Sheriff McBride is a delightful short historical romance. These characters will make you want to come back again and again for a visit. Even the secondary characters will tug at both your heart and your funny bone with their individual personalities.

Hannah Stewart seems fragile, but there’s a line of steel running through her body that keeps her tough, which results in a heroine that will warm your heart as you applaud her strong spirit. Sheriff Adam McBride, meanwhile, shows his caring nature as well as his tough stance on the law. He’s not afraid to hold a woman in distress or go after a slimy criminal. He’s a noble man who gives his town the freedom to prosper.

Realistic and delightful, Sheriff McBride is a wonderful romantic read—something that I haven’t found much of lately. It takes a special author to get the romance just right, and Lauri Robinson hits it squarely on the head with a pinch of mushiness (which is all any romance needs), a dash of humor, and a whole lot of intrigue.

The next time you need a short read to occupy your time, pick up a copy of Sheriff McBride, and the minutes will fly by as you lose yourself in a great story.

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