Powdered Peril Review
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From my own personal experience, I’ve found that food often makes a great remedy for a broken heart—preferably something fried and/or sweet. So I guess that would make Suzanne Hart, the heroine of author Jessica Beck’s Powdered Peril, the perfect person for heartbroken Grace Gauge to have by her side—because the amateur sleuth also happens to own the town’s donut shop.

When Grace discovers that her boyfriend, Peter Morgan, has been cheating on her, she kicks him to the curb and calls her best friend, Suzanne. But it’s not long before Grace has more to worry about than just a broken heart.

The next morning, Suzanne arrives at Donut Hearts, only to discover that her building has been vandalized. The police soon find the culprit: Peter Morgan. But Peter won’t be suffering the consequences anytime soon—because he’s been murdered.

Grace was hurt by Peter’s infidelity, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still want answers—so she enlists Suzanne to help her find Peter’s killer.

Powdered Peril is much like the sugary treats that Suzanne serves up fresh each morning: it’s loaded with empty calories, but it’s as sweet and fluffy as they come. For the most part, it’s the typical cozy mystery. The characters aren’t particularly distinctive—or even very well-developed—but they’re likable enough that you’ll enjoy spending some time with them.

The story, meanwhile, is light and easy-going. Though you might find yourself wondering how a quaint little town like April Springs has such a surprisingly high murder rate, you’ll willingly follow along with Suzanne and Grace as they go through the steps to find Peter’s killer. This isn’t an edge-of-your-seat kind of thriller—and, in the end, the details of the crime aren’t exactly solid. But it’s a pleasurable read—one that’s all wrapped up in small-town Southern charm.

As an added bonus, Beck throws a few donut recipes into the mix, too. They’re inserted throughout the book, placed between chapters—almost like a short commercial break. But these interruptions aren’t altogether unwelcome. After all, the recipes sound absolutely delicious—and since the mystery itself isn’t really the grippingly thrilling sort, they won’t exactly pull you out of any nail-biting suspense.

Powdered Peril is the kind of cozy mystery that’s ideal for moms on the run—or for anyone who’s just looking for some light weekend reading. It isn’t a memorable read, but it’s fluffy and fun—not to mention fast. Just be warned that reading it could be hazardous to your waistline.

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