Teenagers Go to Mall, Loiter, Giggle
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CLEARFIELD, PA Clearfield teenagers Krissy Hill and Liz Stafford (both 14) spent last night at the Spring Valley Mall in Clearfield. Hill’s mother dropped the two off at 6:00, and Stafford’s mother picked them up at 8:00 (even though they really wanted to stay longer).

During their two hours at the mall, Hill and Stafford walked through every single store except for Radio Shack and that one old ladies’ clothes store—yet they failed to purchase anything besides some pizza for dinner and some ice cream shortly before they left.

What they did most of all was talk—and giggle. They talked about the other people at their school and how stupid they are—and then they giggled. They talked about how their parents are total losers. Then they giggled some more. And then they talked about boys. Then they really giggled—enough to bring angry stares from those attempting to concentrate on purchasing important items, such as engraved door-knockers.

Hill and Stafford spent much of their time trying on clothes at Deb. And then they giggled.

And at approximately 7:30, they stopped at the ice cream place for a double-choco mondo cone. Then they sat down on a bench and watched people go by. They commented on each person’s fashion sense. And then they giggled.

That was about the time when Kate Miller walked by. “OMG. Kate Miller. I totally hate her,” said Hill.

“OMG. Me too,” replied Stafford, as the two girls continued to watch Miller walk away. “She’s so skinny. Can’t she just, like, eat something once? I heard she won’t even eat anything with sugar in it.”

“I heard Bobby Wilson dumped her ‘cuz she’s so dumb,” added Hill.

And then they giggled.

Hill and Stafford hope to return to the mall for more of the same next week—if their loser moms will let them.

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