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This edition of Stolen from the Headlines features a man who ran up a two-figure fine, a pair of teens who made off with a tip jar, a Vegas tour that caters to would-be secret agents, and couples who claim that road trips have improved their relationships.

Secret Agents
Originally reported by United Press International

A Las Vegas tour company is gearing up to offer two-person groups a three-day tour of the city while pretending to be secret agents.

The Secret Agent 702 tour is being offered by the Papillon Group in partnership with Andre’s Restaurant and Lounge at the Monte Carlo.

The tour is billed as an experience that “transforms mild-mannered Las Vegas visitors into sexy spies looking for the thrill of a lifetime,” the last Vegas Sun reported Friday.

The tour includes limousine, helicopter and zipline rides as well as disguises, fancy dining and the chance to drive a Ferrari F430 GT at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway—all for only $6800.00.

Background music will be provided by Johnny Rivers: “Secret Agent Man! Secret Agent Man!”

On the Road Again
Originally reported by United Press International

Almost all U.S. couples have taken a road trip together and 84 percent say their relationships are the better for it, a survey indicates.

Fifty-six percent say the best driving conversations center on the present, such as the sights, the news, and other drivers.

Thirty-five percent of the couples report they’ve been on eight or more road trips together, while 68 percent term their road adventures as fun-filled or relaxing.

The survey was conducted by SurveyMonkey between July 30 and August 20.

While surveys by SurveyMonkey always command our attention, we would guess that 100% of the 84% who said roads trips strengthened their relationships have GPS systems.

The Tip Jar Caper
Originally reported by United Press International

Four retired Minnesota police officers nabbed a tip jar thief, who gave up his partner in crime, police said.

The retired St. Paul officers—John Culhane, Beverly Hall, Pat Scott and Cornelius “Butch” Benner—were dining at the Cheeky Monkey deli last week when two teenagers took off with the tip jar, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Monday.

Culhane, Hall and the deli’s chef chased the boys on foot while Scott grabbed his car for a slow speed hot pursuit and Benner called 911.

Scott said the ex-officers caught one of the boys, who named his sidekick.

“He needs to give up crime because he’s no good at it,” Scott said.

The tip jar was recovered with the second teen, police said.

Just another day at the Cheeky Monkey.

Zip Up Your Pants
Originally reported by United Press International

Seattle police said officers caught a man “midstream” while he was urinating on a police car.

Police spokesman Jonah Spagenthal-Lee said the car was parked in a lot Tuesday while the officers were on foot patrol. Police allegedly found the man in "mid-stream," reported Monday

"The man saw the officers, who told the suspect to zip up his pants and put his hands on a nearby wall so officers could pat him down," Spagenthal-Lee said. "There were no other cars parked in the lot at the time."

He said the citation carries a $27 fine.

Does that include tax?

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