Rapture (Fallen, Book 3) Review
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Rapture is the exciting conclusion to author Lauren Kate’s Fallen series (after 2010’s Torment)—and you’re in for some surprises that you don’t want to miss.

It took nine days for Lucifer and his angels to fall from Heaven—and, due to a time shift, it’s happening again. If Lucinda and Daniel can’t figure out how to stop the fall, time will reset and start all over again. Then Lucinda will go back to dying at the age of seventeen, lifetime after lifetime, and Daniel will be left behind to endure losing her over and over again.

The countdown begins as the angels—those who side with God, those who side with Lucifer, and the Outcasts, who aren’t welcome on either side—all work together to hunt for three talismans that will need to be used at a certain time and place in order for Lucinda to remember the most important things from her past lives. It’s crucial for stopping Lucifer.

Daniel struggles with the fear of losing Lucinda, but he cannot help her this time. She has to figure things out all by herself in order to tip the scales between God and Lucifer. Though she finally remembers most of what happened in her pasts, it’s not enough—and time is running out.

Though I liked the end of Rapture—and I understand why it ends the way that it does—I would have gone in a different direction with it had I been the author. Still, the ending is satisfying and plausible enough to keep readers happy.

Lucinda and Daniel’s devotion to each other is touching without treading into sappy territory. These two worthy characters battle with all their hearts and souls to be together, and you’ll want it for them with every breath you take. The theme of Rapture seems to be that love comes at a price, but it’s worth every sacrifice—and Lucinda and Daniel pay a very steep one to be together.

Fingernail-biting suspense intermingled with pulse-pounding battles will send you over the edge of sanity as you eagerly turn the pages of Rapture, racing toward the climax to see how it’s all going to end. The Fallen novels make a unique series—one that hasn’t been done a million times before—and if you’re like me, you could use something a little different in your reading material. Rapture is as fresh and exhilarating as the books before it. So come on, take a chance on something new—I urge you to!

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