Tastes of Love and Evil Review
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Costume designer Rose Fairburn is looking for her dream man. Mostly, though, she just fantasizes about him, since he doesnít existóor maybe she just hasnít found him yet. It doesnít help that sheís also a vampireóthatís a lot for a dream man to have to deal with. Plus, she has this whole vampiric sexual attraction that men canít resist, which causes her all kinds of trouble. But then she runs into Random Man, and her whole life gets turned upside down.

Random Man Jack Tallisóalso known as a chameleonódoesnít trust the vampire who helped him out of a sticky situation. In fact, he doesnít trust any vampire, especially not one of the female variety who claims to be on her way to New Orleans to deliver an Elizabethan gown to one of her clientsóa gown that another vampire that Jack knows all too well wants to get her hands on. Plus, Jack has his own problems to deal withólike a bunch of thugs who are out to kill him. He runs a rescue mission to save battered women, so his ability to fade into the scenery around him comes in handy. But he canít hide from Rose, and it rankles him that she can force him out of camouflage.

Tastes of Love and Evil is one of the sexiest and most enjoyable vampire romances Iíve read in ages. Populated with a loveable female lead, a reluctant hero, and a host of eccentric characters, the story moves along with bits of humor, some sexy romance, and a shadow of peril.

Rose is so perky and sweet, yet she has a tough edge, too. You canít help but love heróespecially when she wants to help the downtrodden. You wonít even mind that men tend to fall all over her, because most of the time itís just plain hilarious. Jack will worm his way into your heart, too, by doing his best to help battered women without bringing too much attention to himself. As the story unfolds, youíll know that Rose and Jack belong together, and itís not just cheap sex and lust.

Tastes of Love and Evil isnít the same old vampire romance; itís original times ten, and itís such a delight to read, with it quirky twists and turns, its sharp wit, and more than a little danger. If you like your vampire tales with a humorous edge, this is the novel for you. I guarantee that you wonít soon forget these characters.

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