The King’s Swordswoman Review
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Prive Janel Redhu has sworn fealty to the Goddess, which means that she must never take a lover or husband. Her only mission is to take up her sword and protect the kingdom. Later, she’s asked to protect the future king of Prudha—a sickly boy in a man’s body who may not ever be strong enough to rule. Crispin du Lance spends his days in bed, attended by an overbearing mother and a leech (a doctor of medicine) who has a peculiar sense of what’s good for the prince and what’s not.

When the kingdom is on the verge of attack, Janel overhears Prince Crispin’s brothers’ plans to murder him. Janel whisks the future king away through a secret passageway, but things go from bad to worse as Crispin falls to his death and Janel is taken hostage by the enemy.

For five years, Prive Janel endures her enemy’s torture, waiting for the moment when she can escape and make things right. But when her plans go into motion, many surprises await her in a small province called Sudelain.

The King’s Swordswoman is probably the best thing that author Toni V. Sweeney has ever written—and she’s written some really great novels. Her world of fantasy comes to life in this novel, with multifaceted characters and an imaginative plot that flows in a steady rhythm, keeping readers engrossed in the story.

Janel is a passionate woman and a strong soldier. She’s loyal to her charge, and she’s willing to lay down her life for him. Crispin may have been a bed-ridden man, but he, too, possesses a deep strength that gets him through the toughest trials. Together, they make a powerful team that readers will enjoy spending time with.

Vivid images of castle life and smaller territories outside the kingdom—along with battle scenes and every day family life—also make The King’s Swordswoman an interesting escape into another time and place. You’ll get caught up in the drama and the action, so you might want to find some uninterrupted time, when you can read this great novel from start to finish in one sitting.

Wrap up in a blanket on a crisp fall day and spend a few hours far away from the troubles of this world while reading The King’s Swordswoman. I promise it’ll be an enjoyable afternoon.

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