A Job from Hell (Ancient Legends, Book 1) Review
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Amber gears up to begin her summer temp job as a housekeeper at the mysterious McAllister mansion. It’s the only way to earn enough money for college, so she won’t have to end up making the perfect cheeseburger at the local McDonald’s for the rest of her life. When the taxi driver dumps her off at the end of a dark road and refuses to drive her further, she begins to wonder what she’s gotten herself into.

Aidan McAllister isn’t what Amber expected. For one, he looks closer to her age than the owner of a mansion that’s situated in the middle of the Highlands. And, two, she never sees him during the day. Frustrated and bored with cleaning and cooking meals that no one ever seems to eat, Amber lets her brother, Dallas, talk her into stealing valuable jewels from a shack in the woods. Little does she know that, in stealing them, she would win a race that gives her a special gift, which turns out to be the ability to see ghosts.

Amber soon finds herself mixed up in the world of the supernatural, where she can’t determine who’s a friend and who’s not. But one thing’s for sure: they’re all using her to get their hands on a valuable spell book.

I love a witty and sarcastic character, and Amber is as witty and sarcastic as they come. She’s a down-to-earth gal who finds herself in the bizarre world of the supernatural, but she survives it with her smarts and her sense of humor. Aidan has it all figured out—and, thankfully, he isn’t one of those overdone, brooding heroes that you’ll want to shake before the end of the novel.

Secondary characters—such as Clare, the tough, protective vampire, and Cassie, the daughter of Satan—shine without stealing the spotlight. And a whole host of other eccentric personalities adds spice to this delicious bowl of story soup.

As it moves along at a steady but thrilling pace, A Job from Hell will keep you entertained with the many paranormal elements that bring this supernatural world to life. Shadow beings and demons roam freely between this world and the hidden one, and exceptional characters pepper the pages of this exceedingly entertaining read. I couldn’t get enough of it. So I recommend treating yourself to a great read today with Jayde Scott’s A Job from Hell.

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