Alone (The Girl in the Box, Book 1) Review
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For twelve years, Sienna Nealon stayed locked inside her house while her mother went to work. Sienna was instructed to never go outside or contact anyone, so she spent her days in combat training—because her mother told her to. She obeys her mother’s rules until, one day, her mother doesn’t come home.

Faced with unknown men in her house, Sienna fights and escapes, only to run into Wolfe—a super-strong being who wants her to come out and play. When she refuses, he begins the hunt. Sienna is saved by operates of the Directorates who want to run tests to see what kind of abilities she has as a meta-human. They also want to keep her locked up—for her own safety, of course—but Sienna has grown tired of being locked away.

Erich Winter, the director of the Directorates, strives to keep Sienna safe and protect her from Wolfe, but he seems to have an agenda all his own. So, with no real friends and no one she can trust, Sienna is on her own when she goes after Wolfe, determined to destroy him before he destroys her.

Alone starts with a bang and rarely lets up throughout this suspenseful paranormal novel. Its intrigue and unanswered questions are sure to keep you reading as you try to figure out exactly what kind of ability—or abilities—Sienna might have as a meta-human. Then, when the end comes, you’ll still want to know more about this remarkable character.

Sienna is surprisingly confident when she steps out into a world that she hasn’t seen since she was five years old. She’s also smart enough not to trust just anyone at face value. She faces harrowing situations with bravery and wit, making her a strong heroine with whom you’ll enjoy spending time.

With its perfect balance of many elements (supernatural, suspense, drama, and intrigue), Alone is a great little read—a pleasant way to spend your reading time. After finishing it, you’ll be inspired to pick up the next book in the series, as I was.

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