Swift Run Review
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Winter is a great time for curling up with a cozy mystery. After a day of winter activities (or even just battling the traffic on snow-covered roads), itís nice to come home to a light, undemanding read like author Laura DiSiverioís Swift Run.

A year after her embezzling husband, Les, ran off to Costa Rica with his gold-digging personal trainer, Georgia ďGigiĒ Goldman is just scraping by. Les left her a house that she canít afford, two troublemaking teenagers, and half-ownership of a private investigative firm, for which she now works.

Gigi is just starting to get the hang of her new job as a PI when an unexpected new client walks through the door: Heather-Anne, her ex-husbandís girlfriend. It seems that Les secretly returned to Colorado and promptly went missingóand Heather-Anne wants to pay Gigi to find him back.

Gigi knows that the firm needs the money, so she takes the case. But when Les slips through her fingers and Heather-Anne turns up dead, a simple missing persons case gets seriously messy.

Set against a backdrop of ski slopes and the blizzard-bound Colorado countryside, Swift Run is a fun-filled wintery-weather whodunit. Though it isnít quite as madcap as I originally expected, itís written with a healthy dose of humor. So while it may not have readers doubled over in laughter at the quirky characters and their outrageous antics, itís still an enjoyable read with some likable characters.

Gigi Goldman makes a lovably bumbling lead. Once rich and pampered, Gigi has been forced to curb her shopping habit and learn to fend for herself and her two spoiled teens. Itís an entertaining fish-out-of-water situation: a woman who once worried about little more than matching her designer shoes to her pricey new handbag is suddenly forced to use her head to track down crooks and ex-husbands. And, fortunately, Gigi handles it surprisingly well. She may not be the most cunning sleuth, but she isnít irritatingly flighty, either.

Gigiís partner, Charlie Swift, on the other hand, is the brains of the operation. Though she spends most of the book recovering from a bullet wound in her butt, she does get to venture out from time to timeóand her ongoing relationship with her priest friend gives her story some unexpected romantic tension.

As for the mystery, well, itís not exactly difficult to solve. Youíll most likely figure out the killerís identity early onóbut that doesnít mean that youíll quickly lose interest. Instead, the story behind the murder unfolds gradually, so while the killerís identity may not keep you guessing, the motive might.

It may not be a gripping thrilleróor a side-splitting comedyóbut Swift Run is a fun-filled winter adventure. The snowy settings and lightly comic characters make it good choice for reading in front of the fireplace after a day on the slopes.

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