Bah, Humbug!
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Pages: 96
Goes Well With: a beef and chedder wrap, a cup of eggnog, and a Little Debbie cake shaped like a Christmas tree

Lexi Anderson is finally putting her life back together. She hosts a Martha Stewart-type TV program, and she’s settled into her new home, where she reads the Jared Strong novels to her children before bedtime. Everything’s just right. Then she catches her neighbor beheading the snowman she’d helped her children build that morning.

Kyle Miller has a serious case of the Grinch syndrome—and writer’s block. He has just a few weeks before his deadline for the next Jared Strong adventure novel. When he finds the perfect place for his villain to hide a murder weapon, he has to test it—so he beheads his neighbor’s snowman.

Lexi isn’t too happy that the author of the Jared Strong novels is such a jerk, but once her children find out where he lives, it forces Lexi and Kyle together. She ends up decorating his house for Christmas, and she just might be able to help heal the wounds of the past—both his and hers—if she can open her heart to a man again.

Bah, Humbug! is a sweet romantic comedy that’s sure to put a smile on your face just in time for Christmas. Lexi is a warm and happy person who has a great relationship with her children. Meanwhile, Kyle may be cranky, but he’s got a good excuse—and you’ll feel his frustration as he deals with the many distractions that are keeping him from writing.

Though this short story’s ending is a little over the top, it’ll still give you the warm fuzzies that only a feel-good romantic comedy like Bah, Humbug! can do, as it draws you into the magical wonderland of romance during the holiday season.

Even a romance Grinch like me enjoyed this cute holiday love story—so imagine how much more you’ll enjoy it.

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