The Book Waitress Review
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Librarian Camille Dutton pretty much keeps to herself. She likes to be alone, and she prefers stacks of books to people. When she’s told that she needs to relocate to a library on Shelter Island, she’s none too happy about it, but she goes, praying that it’s only temporary.

Once there, Camille encounters strange events. Books fly off the shelves—or return there all by themselves. It soon becomes clear that her two co-workers are trying very hard to get her to leave—and someone from the other side is trying to warn her about something.

Derek Galloway spends most evenings at the library doing research in the newspaper section. Several children—all six-year-old boys bearing a special birthmark—have vanished through the years, and he’s convinced that a satanic cult might be involved.

Camille and Derek decide to investigate, hoping to save the latest child who has gone missing before he can be sacrificed. Then they discover that Camille has the same birthmark.

The Book Waitress is a good start to a ghostly and demon-riddled paranormal series. Author Deena Remiel sets up the plotline for future stories with a talented hand, and this first novel is sure to leave readers interested enough to look for more.

Anyone who’s an introvert—one who values spending time alone—will relate to Camille. She also has a quirky sense of humor that only comes out when she’s around someone she’s comfortable with—or, in some cases, when she’s around someone she intensely dislikes. Derek, on the other hand, is a loyal and resourceful hero—albeit sometimes a bumbling one—and you’ll enjoy getting to know him, too.

The Book Waitress is a light paranormal read that entertains while taking you away like a Calgon-scented bath for a couple of hours as you lose yourself in this quality story. It can only get better from here onward, and I’m looking forward to exploring more of the ongoing story with these characters.

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