Blood Will Freeze Review
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December 21, 2012: an asteroid crashes into Middle America and obliterates Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and half of the Dakotas. It also knocks loose vampires from their coffins deep within the earth’s core. Now a territorial fight rages to see who gains control of most of the earth—which is nothing more than a frozen tundra—and the few remaining humans.

Alixandra Pavlona rules what’s left of America and the Antarctic, but her bitter enemy moves ever closer—a vampire named Celadon Korbel, who wants to rule it all. She hatches a plan with the help of her human servant, Michael—a freelie, with whom she’s desperately in love. Michael cannot be compelled to do her bidding, but working together is their only hope to survive.

Just in time for the Doomsday date, author Tony-Paul De Vissage brings readers an innovative end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it tale, in which vampires rule and humans are not much more than cattle to be bred for food. Though it’s a short story—just 43 pages long—Blood Will Freeze packs a wallop. Scenes come alive to the point that you’ll feel the bitter cold of a destroyed world. In fact, I pictured a dark, magical world made of ice.

Alixandra and Michael also come alive on the pages—two characters on opposite ends of the disaster. Alixandra’s heart isn’t as cold as the walls around her; she truly believes that she’s doing what’s right for her people and the humans. Michael, on the other hand, is a bit colder, yet you’ll understand his reasoning, and you won’t hold it against him.

Blood Will Freeze is an amazingly epic story, despite its short length. And though it’s perfect for those times when you don’t want a longer read, you’ll still find yourself wishing for more of the characters and the plot. Hot and cold collide in this meticulously written, finely detailed story of survival and desire of many things—whether it be love, sex, or power. With the story’s diverse premise, Tony-Paul De Vissage may have just drawn me back to the allure of a vampire novel.

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