Confessions of a Murder Suspect Review
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If you discovered your parents dead, how would you react as a teenager? Would you cry and scream, curl into a ball and withdraw? Tandy Angel did none of those things. It’s the way she was raised: emotion is not a logical response. She’s not sure that she loved her parents or that they loved her, but she’s determined to uncover who murdered them—even if it turns out to be Tandy herself.

Malcolm and Maud Angel are what police call a locked door double homicide, which means that someone inside the house murdered them. There’s no sign of a forced entry, so no one could have entered the premises, except for maybe Tandy’s older brother, Matthew. The police immediately suspect Tandy and her siblings, and she’s pretty sure that she agrees with them.

While investigating her parents’ death, Tandy unearths some pretty big secrets. Her family isn’t exactly normal. In fact, they seem to be borderline sociopaths. But is that enough to murder someone—let alone their parents?

Find yourself a day when you’ll have a few free hours to sit and read—because once you start reading Confessions of a Murder Suspect, you’re not going to be able to stop reading until the last page is done. I finished it in one go. You’re sure to get caught up in this strange family and the mystery of Malcolm and Maud’s death.

Tandy Angel is a strong, unemotional teenager, yet you’ll find yourself strangely drawn to her. Her sense of justice and determination are what define her as a good person—someone you’ll want on your side if everything falls to pieces.

When everything comes out in the wash, it’s not going to be anything like what you expected. James Patterson knows how to work twists into a thriller, and no one does it better. Confessions of a Murder Suspect is mesmerizing and haunting—the best collaboration between James Patterson and Maxine Paetro to date. And the confessions have only just begun.

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