Love and the Christmas Floats
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This edition of Stolen from the Headlines features a guy who had a few beers to cool his love fever, a woman whose first cousin--bless his heart--left her millions in gold coins, Sweden’s government-run liquor store that makes work-place deliveries, and a town that sponsored a Christmas parade headed by a cross-dresser.

What He Did for Love
Originally reported by United Press International

A man accused of firing a rifle from his boat at a Jacksonville, FL marina told police a broken heart chased with a few beers made him do it.

The arrest report said that James Wayland, 51, was upset over his relationship with a woman and decided to drown his sorrows with about 16 beers. He then thought it would be a good idea to shoot a few rounds in the air.

Wayland made a rude gesture at the officers onshore when they demanded that he surrender. But he then reconsidered and rowed the boat ashore without his weapon.

He was arrested on charges of firing a gun while under the influence, The Florida Times reported.

Wayland later claimed he had no memory of the incident, but maybe that was just the 16 beers talking.

Office Supplies
Originally reported by United Press International

Sweden’s state-run liquor store monopoly will begin making deliveries to workplaces after a slow start in its home delivery program.

The Systembolaget liquor store reported it has received only 100 orders since it began home deliveries in Sollentuna, a city north of Stockholm in November—even after the program was expanded to nearby Bromma and Johanneshov, Swedish news agency TT/The reported Friday.

Company spokesman Lennart Agen told the agency, “It’s no surprise to see there’s been a quite a lot of interest (in office deliveries) so far.”

He said the company is still working out the details.

The details? Such as how snookered employees will get the work done?

Gold Rush
Originally reported by United Press International

Carson City, Nevada officials have announced that a California woman is the rightful owner of $7.4 million worth of gold coins found in the home of her late cousin.

A month’s worth of genealogical research led to Arlene Magdon, a first cousin to the late Walter Samasko, Jr., who died in May, the Las Vegas Sun reported Thursday.

Samasko kept the 2,695 gold coins, some of which dated back to the 1880s, in boxes in his garage.

City Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover said other parties attempting to claim the coins included a Florida man who suffered a head injury and only recently remembered he was related to Samasko.

Samasko relatives are like that.

Christmas Floats
Originally reported by United Press International

Floats at the Boykin, S. C. Christmas parade featured a jail cell, two Grinches, a mobile outhouse, and a cross-dresser named Fatback Queen.

The 19th annual Boykin Parade drew a crowd of thousands to view the animals, tractors, marching bands and unusual floats, The State, Columbia, S. C., reported Monday.

The parade included blue-clad Civil War re-enactors, a 55-piece marching band from Thomas Sumter Academy, a dog-themed float with the slogan “Bark the Herald Angels Sing” and representatives of local law enforcement agencies.

Bruce Jackson, unofficial mayor of Boykin, said this year’s event was unusually free from vehicular breakdowns.

“We didn’t need any jumper cables today,” Jackson said.

This is probably a reference to last year’s parade when the mobile outhouse caused a stink by stalling on the main drag.

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