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It’s the spring of 1880 in London. While at a séance, medium Emily Chambers and her sister, Celia, accidentally release a demon out into the world, and it begins heaping havoc on certain families. This in turn causes the Administrators—officers who control the waiting area and gateway to the Otherworld—to assign Jacob Beaufort to monitor Emily’s methods and to help put the demon back where it belongs.

Jacob is a ghost who remembers that he’s been murdered but not much else. And since Emily bridges the world of the dead to that of the living, he figures that she might be able to help locate his missing body and find out who took his life in order to give his family peace.

As Celia tries to pair Emily with suitable gentlemen callers in hopes of marrying her off before she gets much older than seventeen, Emily falls ever deeper in love with Jacob—much to her sister’s chagrin. And while chasing after an elusive demon that leaves a harrowing path in its wake, Emily hunts for an ancient book that contains the spell that will send the demon back to hell.

Well-written and a delight to read, The Medium will pull you into a supernatural world where the unexplainable happens. Right from the beginning, you’ll get caught up in the story. The unique late-1800s setting of this paranormal mystery adds challenges to the plot that aren’t faced in modern times. And you’ll immediately like the characters as they deal with off-the-wall problems and work together to solve them.

Emily is warm and inviting with a fearless but cautious heart. She’s able to see beyond a person’s outer layer to what lies beneath—which can turn out to be either good or bad—and she acts appropriately. She’s also patient and kind with everyone. Jacob, meanwhile, will tug at your heart strings as he tries to keep Emily out of harm’s way while desperately searching for answers about his own abrupt death.

With plenty of suspenseful scenes, a little bit of romance, and just a smidgen of creepiness, The Medium will keep you coming back for more. I certainly don’t want to miss the next in the Emily Chambers Spirit Medium series—and, once you’ve read The Medium, neither will you.

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